Hoover Vacuum Cleaners has been a highly recognizable name since 1922 although William H. “Boss” Hoover was not the original inventor. James Murray Spangler developed and patented the first machine in 1908 and began selling to family and friends. One of his first customers was his first cousin, Mrs. William H. Hoover. So impressed was Hoover that her husband bought into the Electric Suction Sweeper Company.

In 1922, Hoover purchased the rights and changed the name to the Hoover Company. There were several changes made to Spangler’s original machine to make more appealing to the public, a large marketing campaign was started and international exposure was begun with a factory in Canada and England. Today, many people in Europe still refer to vacuuming as “hoovering”. These guys compared: Shark vs Dyson V8 Cordless vs Kirby.


Hoover carries a wide variety of vacuum cleaners along with other floor machines for use in the home and commercially. With many updates added to models since 1922, the most recent and popular distinction of technology can be found with the Hoover Wind Tunnel that has the patented Windtunnel V2 technology. Air ducts that use a special computer generated design add a dual air system that generates twice the suction power of most compatible models.

Counter rotating dual agitators added to this technology help lift and separate carpet fibers for the deepest clean possible. A dual air path system makes it possible to use the entire head for providing cleaning along edges by creating a suction that is strong enough to reach dirt, extending beyond the brushes for great edging.

Other unique features included in the Hoover WindTunnel model are the no belt direct drive that eliminates annoying belt breakage and replacement. The HEPA Filtration system removes 100% of dust mites and their eggs in addition to 99.98% of pollen and ragweed. Personally I don’t think Hoover vacuums are as good as the best Shark vacuum cleaner.

Unlike other models that have filters that need changing every few months, this HEPA filtration system will last up to three years through normal use. Bagless systems used to be considered incompetent compared to cloth or paper bags but not so with Hoover’s Twin Chamber System that traps and seals the dirt in a convenient cup that is easily removed for dumping.

Hoover offers many different models in addition to the WindTunnel technology to make your vacuuming simple and complete. Uprights are popular with many customers and the Platinum Collection from Hoover offers different choices for all of your cleaning needs.

There are bagged and bagless models to choose from that have the WindTunnel technology included along with a high/low speed control, extra long 35′ cord, a portable canister vacuum with its own attachments for high and low cleaning, illuminated handle controls with bag indicator, all in a piece of equipment weighing less than twelve pounds. You will never find an upright that has all of these extras that comes with a six-year warranty as placed on the upright series of the Hoover Platinum Collection.

hoover2The WindTunnel T-Series P.A.W.S. model UH70212 is one of the upright models that are perfect for pet owners. With pet hairs resting against furniture and wall edges, the no scuff bumper protects any marring or damage. The WindTunnel ® technology enables you to pick up the threads of your carpet and gently remove those stubborn hairs. A 27′ cord rewind retracts your cord with the tap of a pedal and a nifty folding handle makes storage a breeze.

The same great HEPA filtration system is present and you are able to remove and wash with soap and water. Five different height positions allow you to easily move from one room to the next regardless of bare or carpeted floors. There is even Hoover Pet Stain and Odor Wipes for those unexpected accidents for your pet included with this model.

If you want to find a vacuum similar to Hoover models, checkout: Show Home Style. They have reviews for some of the best stair vacuum cleaners this year.

The Hoover Cyclonic Bagless Canister model is more than just a canister for reaching into tight spots. This machine comes with the same-patented Windtunnel Technology as the upright but has three separate air tunnels that will never allow dirt to scatter and return to your clean floor. HEPA filtration, an easy swivel neck design, on/off switch on the handle and automatic cord rewind makes bending down for controls a thing of the past. Several different models of canisters have features designed for your particular cleaning style.

The Hoover Constellation Bagged Canister Model S3345 is perfect for the home that has a mixture of hardwood floors but some carpeted areas. This machine literally floats on air, gliding behind you. The stainless steel design means extra wear and tear is allowed and the operation is quiet.

The HEPA Filtration Bag keeps your air free from dust mites and pollen particles and the 16′ stretch hose lets you reach in areas you never imagined. Both a turbine nozzle and hard floor attachment with all of the extra tool brushes will last for years. This is only one of many models that have features designed just for your cleaning chores.

Hoover continues to be a name that you can trust and offers easy to find service locations and a question and answer section on their website for problems that can be solved without taking to a dealer. You will also find useful cleaning tips for almost any situation with your floors and a Hoover that can help!

Visit their website today at www.hoover.com and discover just how innovative this company has become since 1908. If there is a problem area in your home with wood floors, carpeting, upholstery, drapes, or even car interiors, Hoover has a product to address it quickly and efficiently.

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