Tricycles for kidsA Tricycle is a bike that has a single front wheel along with 2 rear wheels. They are positioned lower to the ground and are operated with the foot pedals.

These are regarded as outdoor toys that are suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 5. Certain models will work better for the different age groups or sizes.

Before buying a kids tricycle you should check on the manufacturer’s recommendations using product descriptions that can be found online in association to weight and age suggestions.

Choosing A Tricycle

The choice in the right tricycle should be based on comfort, durability, safety, construction materials and accessories. The age, size as well as skill level of the child should also be a deciding factor. For example: what may be suitable for a 2 year old is probably not the right choice for a 5 year old.


Some of the features to look out for before buying a tricycle include:

Adjustable Seat

The position of the seat will have an effect on how easy it will be for the child to reach their pedals. Being able to adjust the placement and height of the seat is a great feature to accommodate the child as she or he grows older. A child becomes too big for the tricycle when their knees touch the handlebars when the seat is set at the highest setting.


Certain models have been created to avoid the steering column and the front wheel from turning in a hard manner to the left or the right. If a wheel turns over 90 degrees it is easy to tip-over.

Adjustable Handlebars

Models that come with adjustable handlebars offers the child a more comfortable riding experience as they start to grow older.

Rear Step

The models with a rear step provide an easier way for the child to get into the seated position.

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