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Who should not take the medicine?

Children below the age of three should never consume it. This is because it contains benzyl alcohol exactly 100mg per ml solution. This is too much for consumption of infants. In facts, doctors advise that any product containing benzyl to not be consumed by infants because it usually has toxic reactions and may easily lead to allergic reactions. These problems when invested on at that very tender age are likely to cause chronic conditions as the babies get older.

Persons allergic to soya are subjected to poor results if they consume this medicine. This is because it usually contain arachis oil which is in a layman’s language what we refer to as peanut oil

Sports persons who want to boost their sports abilities are in fact prohibited by the law to consume nandrolone. This is because this substance carries along serious health risks. A sports person should only consume this if the doctor advises so and this could not be advised on the basis that sports ability need to be enhanced. If a doctor learns that you are administering the dose for this purpose they should do all it takes to stop it as is the law under the Olympic Movement Anti-doping Code, 1999.

What if I skip an injection?

First it should be clear to all that deca-durabolin injection should only be done by a professional doctor; anything below that is jeopardy to you and your life. So if you skip any injection, just go back to your doctors. However, it is by fact that one should not receive a double dose as a compensation of the missed one. Once you realize you missed, make sure you reach your consultant as soon as possible.

What if I receive an overdose?

This should still be directed to your consultant, especially if one realizes that there are unusual effects such as stronger than what one receives while on normal dose. When the dose is stopped, most people will get the condition they had before they started using the dose back into their lives. The effects of this medicine usually do not stop as soon as the discontinuation is reached; it usually takes gradual edge for normalcy to be accomplished.

So how do I benefit from this medicine?

the best of all its benefits is that it is medicine to recover strength in brittle and weak bones. Most people who have had to suffer diseases that affected their bones are advised to take this medicine. However, its consumption is and should only be done with professional supervision; a doctor needs to be consulted. People who want to add on mass also benefit of this.



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