Dangers of Anabolic Steroids: Expert expositions why steroids should not be used by bodybuilders

Anabolic steroids, or ‘roids’ are generally known for use in methods of weight lifting, body building and other muscle growth techniques, anabolic steroids ironically have a bad health history that follows such a health-induced list of sporting events and body sculptors.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Man Boobs Surgery: The scar on the left chest of this man was due to surgery to remove GYNO otherwise known as ‘man boobs’. While there other medical and health factors that may cause man boobs, steroids is one of main causes in many sufferers.

Weight lifters and body builders alike can spend years creating their perfect visual body, competing, eating healthily & exercising .

Although, in weightlifting, body building & even outside these sports, there are those who choose to risk their body’s strength and health by using anabolic steroids to enhance their visual appearance.

The steroid also had proven to produce additional bone marrow and red blood cells, adjusted bone structures as well as increases appetite by what is documented to be three times the amount of an average appetite.

With this abnormal and unnatural growth, comes a series of unhealthy and unsafe risks and side effects.

This side effects include, but are not limited to:

* Violence and/or aggressive personalities
* Mania and/or psychosis promoting more possibility of attempt for suicide
* Mental disorders
* Mood alterations (especially in withdrawal and variant dosages)
* Dependence leading to drug abuse
* Increase in levels of cholesterol
* High blood pressure
* Baldness
* Infertility
* Heart disease
* Liver damage
* Hypertension
* Reduced sexual function

These are only a few of the lengthy list of side effects anabolic steroids include.

And it has never been clear as to why an individual practicing to create the appearance of a healthy body uses a harmful drug to obtain that effect.

Although, millions of individuals in the United States are abusing steroids today.

If you or anyone you know are choosing to use steroids to enhance their body’s appearance, they should be reminded of the harmful and dangerous effects that come with those enhancements.

Contacting a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, or a residential treatment center, is often a good way in which to get answers regarding help for yourself or your loved one.

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